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Working Papers & Papers Under Review

Nguyen K. Huynh. “Right-wing Populist Parties and The Politics of Renegotiating in International Agreements.”

Nguyen K. Huynh and Bumba Mukherjee. “Electoral Particularism, Capital Markets, and Left-Wing Populism” (R&R).

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Statistical Software

Nguyen K. Huynh, Sergio Bejar, Vineeta Yadav, and Bumba Mukherjee. Python package “IDCeMPy: Inflated Discrete Choice Models.”
Documentation Package Repository

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Documentation Package Repository

Benjamin Bagozzi, Minnie M. Joo, Nguyen K. Huynh, and Bumba Mukherjee. R package “zmiop: Zero and Middle Inflated Ordered Probit Models.”
Documentation Package Repository

Survey Experiments

Geo-coded survey experiments in Brazil, India, Israel, and Japan (2021-2022).

Geo-coded Survey Samples


Nguyen K. Huynh. “Elections and Legislative Representation of Right-wing and Left-wing Populist Parties in Developing Country Democracies.”

Electoral Support for Right-wing Populist Parties across Developing Democracies, 1980-2018

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